Greetings From The Loony Bin Pt. 2 (Little Rock, AR)

The Loony Bin Comedy Club franchise has 4 locations: Tulsa, OK, Oklahoma City, OK, Wichita, KS and Little Rock, AR.  If you asked me which one I liked the most?  Couldn't tell ya.  It's like having 4 kids and somebody asking "Well, which one's your FAVORITE?!"  I'll tell you I love them all equally...then you can decide for yourself by the stories I tell :)

I think the most amazing thing about all of them is how well they've paired me with the other comics they bring in.  I'm pretty sure I've made friends (not aquaintences, but REAL friends) because of that, which I am grateful for.  You can never have enough people you can trust in this industry.  Tulsa has Adriana Boyd, I flat out love her.  Oklahoma City has Angie, the assistant manager/ass kicker who's addicted to IHOP (don't tell her I said that, she'll actually kick my ass...I've SEEN it).  Wichita has Wiz, the Green Mile type magical driver/bodygaurd brotha who sings La Bamba in perfect Spanish.  And Little Rock has...EVERYBODY.  They were like a true family and everyone looked out for each other.  WhatEVER I needed that week, they supplied.  I don't really party, I eat bad food and watch bad cartoons, so those are the type of needs I was having met (in case you were wondering :) )  For instance, when word got out that I love the cartoon Squidbillies, two different staff members supplied me with Squidbillies dvds to take back to the condo with me.  I watched them with Kristen Key, my super awesome comic roommate for the week, and as I laughed incessantly and ate tons of gas station beef jerky and ice cream cookies...Kristen asked "Are you SURE you don't smoke pot???"  Unless there was pot in those ice cream cookies, the answer is No (but seriously, someone should check those cookies.  Toll House Ice Cream Cookies = Mouth Party!)  Plus, the people I met from the audience have to be some of the most genuinely awesome people I've ever encountered.  They truly enjoy what we do as performers, and didn't try to tell us jokes or monopolize attention after the show (surprisingly rare it turns out!)
Me and Amy (Little Rock Loony Bin)

My favorite of the week was a girl named Amy that sat in the front row at my late show.  I have this bit I do about Crazy Bitches where I start by asking "Where are ALL the ladies at?" (applause) "Now, where are all the Crazy Bitches at?" (See now in MY should sound about equal (BURN.) But there's always less applause, naturally. So I start dwindling down the applause even more by naming instances of Crazy Bitchery that the women will only keep applauding for if they AUTHENTIC Crazy Bitch lol) But this time, the further I went...the more and more I was describing her it turns out.  So I KEPT going...until I ran outta shit.  She couldn't be stopped!  She was LOVING it, laughing and cheering the whole time with her homegirl Victoria, so much so that their boyfriends started sinking down in their seats like "Ohhh Shit, they really ARE Crazy!" [Joy!]  At one point, I high-fived them both from the stage for their refreshing honesty.  I talked to them for a minute after the show, and it turns out they're not crazy at all.  Matter of fact, Amy is a mom of 3 working as a CNA and going to school to become a teacher because she loves "molding young children's minds"...I wish her the best because I hate kids, so if she can make them smarter and more functional in today's society, I'm her biggest fan.  As for YOU, humble reader, remember to tell dem kids "They is Stroooong, they is Smaaaart, they is IMPO'TANT!" ( The Help...don't ask.)

Here are a few of the other faces I met that night (Warning: I signed a boob in this video.  Cover your kid's eyes!):

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