Chocolate Covered Bacon and New Friends!

I recently performed in Oregon again, which is always an adventure.  I have yet to go to any city in the state that hasn't given me something fun to talk about.  This time I was in Medford, and the hotel we were at gave me my own driver since I was the entertainer for the weekend, and he took me around to some places that are world famous (that I had never heard of yet), and I had some damn Chocolate Covered BACON!!!  Sorry, I just had to get to it...

First we went to Lilly Belle Farms!  This is the spot that Oprah AND Martha Stewart special order their hand made chocolates.  Some of the chocolates I saw in there were too pretty to even eat!  And by pretty I mean expensive.  Sometimes you should just look at chocolate and admire it instead of breaking the bank.  I'm no Oprah.  Luckily they DO have free samples for non-Oprahs such as myself so it was still worth the trip!  (I did buy some for Jo but she's not gettin a Christmas gift now...Shhhh!) Next we went to The Rogue Creamery, home of the best bleu cheese in the world (It's a contest, and they won it, so THERE).  It was SOOOO GOOD!  Good enough to the point that I'm not ashamed of the fact that I sound like a middle-aged white woman talking about yesterday's lunch.  It was DELISH! :D  Check out the footage...

 The venue I performed at that night was Chadwick's Pub in Medford, OR.  I had a terrific, relaxing 2 day stay at the Rogue Regency Suites.  AWESOME!  Secondly, because it is such a rarity nowadays I must give a shout out to the MC of the shows, Carl Lee, for setting the table for the other comics.  He truly controlled the room in a way that is a lost art from the MC spot.  Much appreciated brotha!  I must say, however, even though I had a fun time the people at the show were forgettable.  
Chillin' with Jess and Erin
The only people I remembered were the awesome new friends I made AFTER the show, who didn't see me tell ONE joke (For those of you who know me, you know I love nothing better than making new friends, ESPECIALLY when they haven't seen me perform, because I know they like me, not my character on stage...Makes a huge difference ya know :))  Erin Whipple (yes that's her real name.  How awesome is that?!), her boyfriend Jess, Ashley, and Jami.  Cool People!  I actually met them on my way out of the club.  Here's how it went down:  I was looking for my dvds to pack them up and go to my hotel room, when I noticed there was a coat on top of them, and a group of people who hadn't been to the show were crowded around the table.  THEY STOLE MY SALES TABLE!  I looked over at the lady closest to the jacket since I assumed it was hers and said "Ummm, excuse me?"...Without breaking conversation she handed me an empty glass and said "You can take this one I'm done with it"...You see, she thought I worked there because I was wearing a solid black shirt, and she had not been to the show to see me making people laugh at events such as these that have happened in my life in the past.  Actually, NOTHING has ever happened to me like that, so that's why it made the blog! lol  Anyway, once we sorted out that I didn't work there, she laughed when she realized that my face was on the front of the dvds she threw her jacket over!  Her man Jess then stepped in and bought a dvd because he figured if I was this funny when I was just tryin to get my shit, I had to be funny on stage!  Best reason to buy my dvd EVER!  I signed it for them and they bought me a couple drinks (thanks Ashley :)), and we chatted for the rest of the night.  If I didn't have a flight the next morning I would've gone bar hopping with them, but I decided to be responsible...and I still kinda regret it because they were so fun!  But hey, we'll always have Medford ;) 

P.S.  Shout out to Kamee Hall, the karaoke dj/singer after our show was done.  We compared boyfriend/girlfriend stories after the show and I wowed her with my knowledge of chick flicks.  Apparently I watch more chick flicks than most chicks???  I'll have to verify that in another blog :)

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