Innocent Lives Matter 7/8/16

  I hurt for my people today... 

 My people are my friends and family, along with my brothers and sisters being killed. All of them. In Louisiana. In Minnesota. In my hometown of Chicago. In Dallas. In this whole country. I've stood with Columbine, Aurora, Sandy Hook, and Orlando. I unapologetically stand with Black Lives Matter, because last I checked, that included me. But more than anything, I stand with the innocent. The ones who deserved better from their people. Luckily for me, innocence has no color, no income cutoff, no nationality, no sexual preference, and no religious bias. I stand with Love. What I don't stand for is willful ignorance, apathy, hatred, and negligence. To say we have lost our way is false. Pay attention America...this never stopped being the way. We have just made "The Way" so much more palatable that some of us believed it had changed. The Way is so strong that you can watch a video of a murder with your own eyes and still have a debate...How??? This is no longer He Said She Said, this is You Watched.  

 Take it from someone who is a physical threat to no one, has a college degree, loves all people, goes the speed limit everywhere and puts his turn signal on even in empty parking lots...When I tell you I get pulled over for no reason, believe me. When I tell you I've been made to fear for my safety by police officers multiple times who have made me get out of my car and into theirs just to question me randomly in broad daylight, trust me. When I tell you I was 14 years old and my brother and I literally got our car cut off by cops and made to step out of the car and be frisked because we "fit the description" of two men who robbed a grey compact car even though we were in a blue 1980s Buick, again in broad daylight, don't ignore me. When I tell you I was genuinely excited to own a white cell phone and will always own one because police were less likely to mistake it for a gun when they pull me over, don't laugh, instead listen to what I've been conditioned to be concerned about.  Please hear me...Don't defend the system just because very suspect parts fall under the law. The law is merely a compromise agreed upon by people who cared about an issue to the point where they took action during the time in which they lived. "Rules" and "Laws" become broken, changed, or upheld based on your level of compassion for the human condition. People are paid handsomely to bend these laws and practices in the favor of their sponsors daily. The law has always been sand, not concrete. You're putting flagpoles in sand and expecting them not to be affected when weather conditions change. So don't watch a person be murdered and quote laws to their families. Acknowledge that when this happens, something went terribly wrong. What all people on either side should take action against are the parameters that allow for this to happen. Please do not murder more innocent people in response either. For that is an action that has no resolution. It can go on forever. It technically has gone on forever. It went on before this country, and it will go on after... 

   Our country is getting older, but it's still very young. We don't know what we are yet, and we lash out quite a bit as a result. We demand our entertainers take a more active role in politics, and our politicians be more entertaining...Our rich to make less money and our poor to "work a little harder". We demand to keep peace in other countries but demand to keep guns in our homes.  Men seem to want "independent" women who also cater to them and look like instagram models but aren't so "stuck on themselves". Our women appear to want sensitive thugs who are generous pimps that are chivalrous, but not such pushovers. Our student loans cost more but our degrees count for less. We exhalt gangsters, drug dealers, murderers, even former slave owners as our folk heroes, while homeless military veterans are commonplace and police are now the enemy...This country isn't in neutral as some may have you's in full-on reverse.  And if everything is truly as opposite as it seems, perhaps the only way we can begin to slightly move forward again is to finally acknowledge how heavily backward we have become...But you don't have to listen to me, because in this society, I'm just a joke teller. 

#BlackLivesMatter #AllLivesMatter  #InnocentLivesMatter #LoveStillMatters

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