Mixin' it up at Mixers

This month I took on an especially out of the way show in a lovely place called Mixers Ultra Lounge in West Plains, Missouri.  West Plains holds the dubious distinction of being at LEAST 80mi away from any given airport in any direction of the country, which is really hard to do in the midwest!  HOWEVER, they were easily some of the nicest most outgoing people I've ever met on the road.
At first I honestly didn't know what to expect out of the evening.  I kept getting more and more lost on my way to the venue.  See the problem is, the people of West Plains don't believe in using street names as a mode of conveying destinations, so apperently I took the wrong road by the train tracks next to the pond my first go-around (confused already? So was I!).  Somehow I found myself inside of a Subway asking for directions.  The young sandwich artist took time away from his busy craft to confuse me even more.  "Mixers?  Yea I know where it is...now how to get therrrre that's the issue"....No shit.

HIS directions got me straight there...to some stranger's front porch where I encountered an entire family sitting in rocking chairs, including a little kid, which I've never seen using a rocking chair before.  They sent out their shirtless kid like some sort of recon drone to assess the situation.  Before the kid ran up on my car I yelled "Do you guys know where Mixers is?!"  One of the women laughed and said "Hell Yea, all the way across town!"  The little shirtless one (he was a boy, I should clarify) then proceeded to give me pinpoint directions, street signs, highway numbers and landmarks.  I was impressed.  I'm sure he would've given me the shirt off his back if he had to...if he had one.

Me and Buck Aaron
So I finally make it to this bin of warehouses...Now I'm freaking out a little bit because I thought I was being set up by some kind of black-comic-trafficking ring, when I see a sign on one of the warehouses that says "Mixers"...I MADE IT!  Mixers is a renovated warehouse that has 2 dance floors and a huge tv projector, plus a big sexy stage for me to perform on.  I was HOME :)  When I got onstage the first thing I said was "I know I'm in the right place when each table has a 2 trucker hat minimum and sleeves are optional."  They laughed, I went on, and so on.  I was on my way home when I decided to bust out the camera just to get a few shots of the place...boy am I glad I did that!...Let's just say what happened next is why Jeff Foxworthy still has a career.  Enjoy :)

P.S.  Thanks Crystal for showing me a great time at your kick-ass bar, and thank you Rachel for coming back the next morning and unlocking the place so I could get my dvds!  You all were awesome and I wanna come back ASAP!

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