No Takebacks 9/5/17

"Nothing was ever given to me, I had to take it!" 

 Ever heard that one? That statement has always felt inaccurate to me. Any advancement you've ever made in your life was because of an opportunity given by someone else at some point. Begrudgingly maybe, but still given. What's wrong with admitting that?

Yes you made good on the chance when your time came, and you should take pride in your efforts. Sure the road has been harder for some than for others, but no matter how you got in the door, eventually someone who was already in the building had to unlock it for you to come in. 

So I can proudly say A LOT has been given to me in life, and I am SO grateful...But it's mine now. No Takebacks. And I have no intention of leaving the building any time soon.

-Alvin Williams

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