Stacy and Dana (Pinetop, AZ)

And now back to basics! This blog originally started because I like to film people I meet after shows. The more people see who I meet, the more they understand my stories...Meet Stacy and Dana. I had a chance to travel to Pinetop, AZ to perform at Monday Funday Comedy Night at The Hon-Dah Resort and Casino. This show takes place weekly in the middle of the MIDDLE of nowhere, and yet it's been going strong every week for 9 years running (If you know comedy, then you know that is impressive for a one-night venue). It was a PAIN to get to though, YEESH!  I'll spare you the grueling details about my airport rental car/shuttle bus drama, but just know I took two planes, a shuttle bus, AND drove 3.5hrs to get there in time for a 5pm mic check.   I was tired as hell, and once I got onstage I let the audience know "you better have some energy FOR me because if you don't it's gonna be a long-ass 59min. " (unprofessional I know!...but TRUE. Even the old people sitting up front had more energy than I did at that moment.)...The audience started laughing because they thought I was joking...I SO wasn't! Luckily for me some loud mouth chick at the back of the room blurted out something that got my spirit goin in the right direction at the right time...

I was talking about that Lifetime Channel show called SNAPPED!  It's a show that documents the true-life tales of married women who finally go off the deep-end and kill their husbands because they're tired of them leaving their socks around the house (I'm paraphrasing of course), and she yelled out "WOOO! THAT'S my SHOW!"...and the rest of the night basically took care of itself :)

 Afterwards, I found out that loud mouth chick had a name: Dana!  We had a chance to chat and she turned out to be really cool! She said her daughter, Stacy, had just moved into town and needed a quick pick-me-up in her life, so she brought her to Monday Funday because she figured Stacy could at least get a laugh out of giving shit to some unfunny comics (Dana herself has been kicked out multiple times for doing this btw, but she was lenient this night because she actually thought I was funny on my own :) )  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and they packed the place OUT. Very well done considering no one knew who the f**k I was coming in (I gotta FIX that!).

So THEN the ladies invited me out to the local tavern called The Lion's Den, and it was empty.  Dana apologized to me because she said "This place is normally PACKED".  I told her that "An empty, QUIET bar was the greatest gift you could've ever given me".  I was so thankful! lol  So we ate and drank and Dana taught me how to swing dance like a white person (I had a little trouble with the steps, so my white-guy form must've been PERFECT lol), and whatever negativity I had in my head about the trip melted away permanently.  Plus I'm proud to say that I got a personal invite to her husband's bday party (a.k.a. The Dirty 30) as a FRIEND, NOT a performer! :)  Here's me sayin goodbye to my new friends:

See ya at The Dirty 30 (?) :)

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